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Flutist, Educator, Entrepreneur
 Technically robust and musically forceful 
-- New York Times

Her performances of American flute concerti have won critical acclaim. When she performed her commissioned concerto Trail of Tears by Michael Daugherty with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra in January 2020, one reviewer wrote, "Porter's appearance with a modern piece in which such embedding of the guest artist with the vehicle shone so brightly seems to me a high point of the ISO's recent history."
She recorded and performed the work with the Albany (NY) symphony in May 2015, prompting the Albany Times Union to write: "The focus remained on Porter's beautiful tone color and Daugherty's imaginative deployment of the orchestra." American Record Guide has lauded her playing for having "an innocent American lyricism..." and a reviewer for annarbor.com noted that "Amy Porter deeply imbues with a sense of narrative and of speech and, yes, drama."

Thanks Kaleb Chesnic for the video

Anatomy of Sound: A Workshop with Amy Porter
American Art
In Translation: Selections from JS Bach's Cello Suites
Karg-Elert: 30 Caprices for Flute
Telemann - 12 Fantasias for Flute without Bass: A Study Guide with Amy Porter
Telemann: The 12 Fantasias for Flute without Bass
The Gaubert Cycle: The Complete Works for Flute and Piano
Amy Porter, Nancy Ambrose King
The ABCs of Flute for the Absolute Beginner
Amy Porter also appears on:
Concertos: Bassett, Bolcom, Daugherty
Anne LeBaron: Sacred Theory of the Earth
Matchbox 20: Yourself or Someone Like You
Michael Daugherty: Dreamachine / Trail of Tears / Reflections on the Mississippi
Wind Compositions of Henri Dutilleux
Conversations: A 20th Anniversary Salute To American Composers
Sheet Music:
J.S. Bach: Six Cello Suites for Flute Transcribed and Edited by Amy Porter
Treasures for Flute and Piano
Thirty-Two Rose Etudes for Flute
Other Episodes
S4 Ep. 8 Let's Talk Sound! Anatomy of Sound LLC and AOS-Wellness
Would you like to hear about it? We're featuring snippets from my movie Anatomy of Sound made in 2012. Ten years later, my guest is movement coach Laura Dwyer, my partner in Anatomy of Sound LLC and AOS-Wellness.com We're going to introduce you to a place
S4 Ep. 7 Blue Flute Alumni Composer Nina Shekhar: Exploring the intersection of identity, vulnerabi
Blue Flute Alumni and award winning composer Nina Shekhar is my guest and we really give the attention and light to female and nonbinary composers. We want to live in the solution. From her bio "Nina Shekhar is a composer who explores the intersection of
S4 Ep. 6 Composer Talk: Meet Daniel Dorff
Meet Daniel Dorff. Flutists adore playing his music and I adore his humor. Featuring excerpts with Katie Leung, pianist in my live performance of Dorff's Sonata (Three Lakes).
S4 Ep. 5 Villa Lobos Specialist, Musicologist, Ethnomusicologist Thomas G. Garcia
I met Tom Garcia at Juilliard as a tuba major. Then we formed the Porter/Garcia Flute and Guitar Duo and the rest is history. Born in Brazil, he's an expert in all things Villa Lobos and even makes his own period Latin American guitars. He is Professor of
S4 EP 4 Symphony Stories with Christina Smith
We were appointed in the same week. My flute sister for 8 years, Christina Smith, is here to talk about how we played then, and how we play now. And, of course, we serve up some Tea.
S4 Ep 3 Performing Early Music with Kathie Stewart
We go there, firing questions about "Early" music with Kathie Stewart, my partner for my recent project on YouTube, Quantz Quickies. We discuss J.J. Quantz's treatise, "On Playing The Flute". A founding member of the GRAMMY-award winning baroque music ens
S4 Ep. 2 Animals and Music
Let’s talk about music, animals and life. They all go together emotionally and scientifically. Listen to stories, studies and facts behind music on our human planet and our animal planet. With stories by Laura Dwyer, and Co-producers Justine Sedky and Ala
S4 Ep.1 Let's Talk Shop! Meet Founder of Flutistry, Adam Workman
Meet Adam Workman. He's likable, trustworthy and always current. First Flutistry Boston, then Flutistry Austin, now Flutistry Florida. Your Flutistry is always evolving.
S3 Ep. 15 Storytime: Stories From Our Time
The Juilliard 1980s reunion continues as we tell stories from our time at Juilliard in the 1980s and living in New York City's Ansonia Hotel. We invited two of my closest buddies, a girlfriend who’s just a great girlfriend and a neighbor who was just a gr
S3 Ep. 14 Stay Well, Play Well: Your Guide on The Side
I’ll give you just a few thoughts from my experience over 20 years at Michigan on the relationships with a teacher of your instrument and highlight work that students can do personally to have everything click. Featuring Gieseking Sonata with Tim Carey on
S3 Ep. 13 Friendcast: A Juilliard Flute Reunion
I chose to invite the 6 female peers that I felt influenced me the most from the Juilliard School from 1982-1987. They also always had a smile, always played their best and are such beautiful souls in this world. Welcoming in Wendy Stern (Montclair State)
S3 EP 12 Go Blue Flutes: Alumni Updates and the College Audition Process
In honor of December application deadlines we have some advice on auditioning for the UMICH SMTD Flute studio. And there are four Blue Flute alumni updates!
S3 EP 11 Business 101: 501.C3 Non-profits AFC and SEMFA
Let's dive deeper into the the stories behind the Atlanta Flute Club (Founded in 1997) with Kathy Farmer and Southeast Michigan Flute Association (Founded in 2002) with Debbie Ash and Holly Clemans. We also discuss flute choirs and their development. Feat
S3 EP 10 Etude Edition: A Winter's Rose: 32 Etudes by Cyril Rose
We come bearing a Rose - etude that is. It’s our Etude edition and Cyril Rose etudes for clarinet are discussed today since I’ve recently recorded them all from my edition published by Carl Fisher. and we’ll be looking into them more creatively with my tw
S3 EP 9 Performance Therapy: Inside the Interview Audition for Academia
We’re bringing some advice to those students wondering if they can have a career teaching and performing as an instrumentalist – together – and not put into a box of being one or the other. Meet the most recent Doctorate graduates that have jobs here in t
S3 EP 8 Storytime with Lowell Liebermann
Meet Lowell Liebermann, composer, pianist, Juilliard friend and lover of all things music. We feature his Sonata for Flute and Piano published by Theodore Presser. Chia-Chi Hsu, piano.
S3 EP 7 Stay Well, Play Well: Injury and Injury Prevention
Long podcast alert! Repetitive overuse is preventable and we can avoid it at an early age. Meet Angela McCuiston from "Music Strong" and hear stories of overuse from our co-producer Alan J. Tomassetti and professional flutists Angela Massey and Melissa Ma
S3 EP 6 Friendcast: The Flute Bros.
Jake and Gabe Fridkis are both flutists in the Fort Worth Symphony and talk about growing up with each other, guiding each other and asking for each other's help along the way. These two brothers will inspire you keep going, always with a laugh and stay p
S3 EP 5: Go Blue Flutes: Meet The Freshmen
Meet Ella, Isabella, Ting-Yu, Joyce and Mia, all freshmen at UMICH SMTD who are pursuing flute as something important in their life. And they want to spend time hearing what I have to say. OK!! I love that! And I appreciate and value their dreams. Go Blue
S3 EP 4: Getting Down to Business: The future of Music and Commissions
This convo is for ALL Composers and Commissioners. Our guest Michael Haithcock is a pro when it comes to programming, commissioning and scheduling. In other words, making the future of live music happen. Professor Haithcock conducts the internationally re
S3 EP 3 Etudes: Karg-Elert Caprices: Etudes or Concert Pieces?
Let's take a dive into my 2005 Karg-Elert Caprice Study guide and hear some of the fun facts and interesting takes on performing these complicated caprices we call etudes. I think we can play them in concerts! Featured is audio from the Study Guide and pr
S3. EP 2 Performance Therapy 1 Taking the Fear Out of Contemporary Music and Extended Techniques
Featuring our Co-Producer Justine Sedky answering Who, What, When, Where and Why? and Shanna Pranaitis and her FluteXpansions.com website. I know it’s challenging to be in a situation you don’t like, especially on the flute, but there are rewards in worki
S3 EP1 Whar's Up Amy?
What's Up Amy? Join us for our Season 3 preview, Season 2 review and catch up on updates from the summer of 2021. You'll learn about a new member of Trio Virado and find out about the latest invention that we can't talk about!
S2 EP 22 Storytime: Steven Finley, Flute Source and Historian
It's storytime with Steven FInley from Wm. S. Haynes Co, a flute source and historian. While completing his post-graduate studies and participating in the international performance scene, he began his 30-year tenure in the field of fine flute making.
S2 EP 21 Stay Well / Play Well: Flute, Food & Nutrition
Meet Dr. Julee Kim Walker, foodie and friend. She's the Assoc. Professor of Flute at Texas A & M in Commerce, TX. I'm featuring our performance with Diane Frazer of "Maya" for two flutes and piano by Ian Clarke at the 2016 Texas Summer Flute Symposium.
S2 EP 20 Friendcast: Dr. Timothy McAllister, Grammy Award Winning Saxophonist
Interested in the similarities in the sax and flute? Do you know who Donald Sinta is to our music world? Is it "Classical sax" or just "Saxophone"?After a lifetime of "Is it flutist, or flautist", I asked a friend. My colleague Dr. Tim McAllister is the G
S2. EP 19 Go Blue Flutes: Graduation 2021
raduation 2021 held some challenges. Our producers asked our graduating students some parting questions and they had some wonderful and insightful answers and advice. Let's hear from Jordan Smith, Specialist in Flute Performance. Masters grad Ali Dettmer
S2 EP 18 Business 101: Gigging, Publishing and Being a Nice Person
Featured in the podcast today is Principal Flute of San Antonio Symphony Mark Teplitsky. He is joined by his lovely wife Liz and they’ll be offering their ideas about flutists in business and we’ll enjoy some of their playing today on the podcast.
S2 EP 17 Ask Amy - Étude Edition
I'll address in this episode those questions from flute students about the more advanced etudes and featuring my recording of the 30 Caprices by Karg-Elert.
S2. EP 16 Performance Therapy: Taking the Fear Out of Auxiliary Instruments
This week we're sharing personal journeys to learning the piccolo, discussing learning auxiliary instruments without fear or consequence and embracing that inner voice of a challenge beyond the C flute. Sharing their experiences with us is Erica Peel, Pic
S2 EP 15 Storytime: The Stories of Composer Christopher Caliendo
One day, I was sitting in a diner eating breakfast, by myself, at the 2003 NFA convention in Las Vegas and the rest is history. Christopher Caliendo has composed four out of 13 Sonatas for me and I am honored to call him a friend. Listen to stories behind
S2 EP. 14 Stay Well Play Well: Spiritual Sustenance
I'm calling it Source. I'm featuring my CD "In Translation" the tracks from Bach's C minor Cello Suite, and I'm reading words from Kahlil Gibran "The Prophet" , "A Course in Miracles" and CS Lewis. Plus, you'll hear about my journey from growing up in Uni
S2. 2 Ep. 13 FriendCast. Greg Pattillo
It's the coolest thing I can't do. Beatboxing. Everyone knows Greg Pattillo from Project Trio. And I am cooler from this interview. Let's take notes.
S2. EP 12 Go Blue Flutes! Freshmen updates and meet our new DMA Superstar
FRESHMEN UPDATES! We'll hear how they’ve been adapting to hybrid learning; what courses they're taking this semester and what they took their first semester; What pieces are they're learning right now (solo, chamber, ensemble); What they hope to learn; Wh
S.2 EP 11 Business 101: Who's Managing Whom?
We're calling this episode "Who’s Managing Whom?" I will be speaking about the aspect of having “made it”, and if having a manager, media specialist, or PR person is actually necessary in order to “make it.” We’re featuring Nicole Riccardo from NR Media t
S.2 EP 10 Études: Pairing Flute Issues with Flute Études
What purposes do etudes serve and in what cases? Join us as we list some favorite scenarios and give some sound advice through etudes. Featuring the 32 Etudes by Ferling/Rose/Porter.
S.2 EP 9 Performance Therapy: Healthy Competition
What are judges looking for? How do I prepare the students? How do competitions differ from orchestral auditions in preparation? What are the different fears? Preparing for the orchestral audition AND a soloist competition is about years of practice, not
S.2 EP 8 Storytime: Orchestra Camp
Dilshad Billimoria Posnock is my flute colleague and friend guide for me as I return to the waters of playing in a major symphony and find the peace in the mountains to rest. The Brevard Music Center was part of my past, now present and future and I have
S.2 EP 7 Stay Well, Play Well: Intention, Mindset and Feeling It with Laura Dwyer
Laura Dwyer is my guest to discuss the situation musicians share in the pandemic and the agony and sincere loss of not being together and not bringing music to the public. BOOKS: Covey - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.; Santos- Science of Well Be
S2. EP 6 Friendcast: JoAnn Falletta
We had memories, stories and questions to ask JoAnne Falletta. We all have a connection to her somehow so my producers Alan and Justine join me in this wonderful sit-down with the beloved Maestra of the Buffallo Philharmonic. She's a GRAMMY winner and my
S.2 EP 5 Go Blue Flutes!
It's time again to say Go Blue Flutes and celebrate all that has been happening to impact our life as a flute studio at the University of Michigan Join us for current updates, successes, guests to our virtual studio class and alumni news.
S. 2 EP 4 Business 101: Recording Basics with Dave Schall
t's going to all become very clear. Dave Schall, owner of Dave Schall Acoustic for 23 years, is a graduate of Eastman School and University of Michigan as a Bassoon Performance Major. He sits us down to explain those details we need related to our audio a
S,2 EP 3 Etudes and Arabesque
This week I give my lesson on Daphnis et Chloe from the perspective of all flute parts and focusing on the 14th Arabesque Etude by Eugene Bozza
S.2 EP 2 Performance Therapy: Embarrassing Musical Moments
Embarrassment. That awkward emotional state can find us in concerts when we're least expecting it. This podcast, I'm featuring some of my mistakes in recordings and I'll share stories of those moment.s, I'll help to uncover some truths about your strength
Season 2 Ep. 1 What's Up, Amy?
Welcome to Porterflute Pod Episode 1 in our 2nd Season - and you’re in the once-in-awhile category called “What's Up Amy"? Let me give you an update what I've been up to since we last spoke at the end of Season 1 back in September.
Season 2 Thanks and preview
I am so grateful to the audience every week and it’s so great to see that every series that we create within the podcast has its own following. We have a few hundred people in 13 countries who listened to 684 minutes of content 3,456 times! I want thank m
Season 1 Storytime 3: Wm. S. Haynes Flutes:
Three words to describe the Wm. S. Haynes Flutes as cited by Master Finisher and Vice President Steven Finley are brilliant: "welcoming personal, resonance." Today my guest is Artist in Residence Gareth McClearnon for Haynes who brings a history and persp
Season 1 Stay Well, Play Well: Healing Hobbies and Humor
I know that feeling of "Burnout" and "The Last Straw." At that point I look for some natural spaces and a retreat into Mother Nature. Have you tried silence? Do you have a hobby to gain some perspective in your life? Do you use humor to help in your life?
Season 1 FriendCast: My Tribe Anne Stevens with S&D and Erin Masek with R+F
Meet 2 women I would have never met in my circles. Women I met because I was meant to be lifted up. I was meant to do something radical and take on inspiration from outside my industry to get fresh ideas. There was no plan. I just embraced change. - all w
Season 1 Go Blue Flutes: Grad Edition
This week we speak with Jordan Smith getting his Specialist degree in Flute, Ali Dettmer who finished her first year as a Masters student and Ryan Koesterer, a 2020 Masters graduate and a member of the US Army Reserve and the person I dedicated this podca
Season 1 Business 101: 3. Your Website
Develop a business mindset with your website/store/blog and have it take root. Whether the site is for yourself as a soloist, a repository for your work, or you’re trying to sell something in this business of music, I can lead you to ask the right questio
Season 1 Etudes: 3. Pairings - Brownies and Ice Cream (Boehm & 19th C. French rep)
Every Etude Pod, we want to feature a pairing (a solo piece,chamber piece, or orchestral excerpt) that offers difficult passages and talk about which etudes can enhance your playing and keep up your appetite for the style. Dr. Maria Castillo (UT Knoxville
Season 1 Performance Therapy: Auditions: Behind The Screen
Meet Mimi Tachouet, Elise Henry, and Kelly Zimba, all UMICH Bachelor of Music alumni who won jobs as flutists in the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Toronto Symphony Orchestra. They give their recollections of the nerves, excuses and
Season 1 Storytime 2: Planting Seeds
Hear stories from violinist Prof. Aaron Dworkin, flutist Kaori Fujii and I'll read a story about our favorite Sonata for Flute and Piano by Francis Poulenc from Jean-Pierre Rampal's autobiography "Music My Love." and seeds that were planted for its growth
Season 1 Stay Well, Play Well: Everyone's An Athlete
Meet my trainer, Larry Veasman. Plus learn about the acronym, SAVERS to help you create a powerful and fulfilling life from the book "The Six Morning Habits of High Performers" by Hal Elrod - with my take on it.
Season 1 FriendCast: 2. Delanie West Founding-Creative Director of Be Super Creative
Meet Creative Consultant Delanie West, a friend who I can turn to for a good conversation and point of view. Connecting people, naming Black Lives Matter, bringing a black and white female conversation to the Pod. Let's all help heal internalized racism,
Season 1 Go Blue Flutes: 2. Undergrad Edition
We showcase the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Undergrad Blue Flutes studio experience through the eyes of graduated senior Ayana Terauchi, rising senior Kelli Daugherty and incoming freshmen Alexis, Leo and Adria. Come on in!
Season 1 Business 101: 2. Porter Flute's View of Social Media
Break it down! Come into the classroom of social media for artists with Amy and Alan J. Tomasetti as they discuss the social media journey of Amy Porter to PorterFlute and tips for everyone who wants a platform to express.
Season 1 Etudes: 2. Etudes and the College Journey
It's highly apparent that etudes work for instrumentalists. How can we hear the difference? Commitment is key.
Season 1 Performance Therapy: 2. Creating musical dreams and meeting realistic goals
Amy Porter provides a framework for you to find your way to meeting your performance goals and seeing your dreams become reality. Never let anyone tell you that you can't do it.
Season 1 Storytime, 1: Who's Got A Good One? with Wissam Boustany and Cheryl Emerson
Guests Wissam Boustany (Lebanon/ UK) and Cheryl Emerson (USA) reflect on some memories as they relate to PorterFlute. My pod is made up of all the his-tory and her-story and their-story memories so truly, there are awe-inspiring and hair-raising stories i
Season 1 Stay Well / Play Well: 1. Having Physical Emotional and Mental / Spiritual Health
Amy talks about her journey to her best self at age 55. Hear some tips and stories to motivate your creativity and mindset. The body will go along with you for the journey so don't be afraid to listen to the truth and physicality of being a musician. Move
Season 1 Ask Amy: 1. Answering Questions
Podcast #6 - ASK AMY: "How did you become a Haynes Artist (did they ask you, did you go through an audition, what was the process)? What is your normal routine before a performance to calm her nerves? Do you still get nervous? What etudes does she recomme
Season 1 Go Blue Flutes: 1. Graduation 2020 and Interview with Justin Sedky
Meet UMICH School of Music Theatre & Dance Graduate and co-producer Justine Sedky in this fourth episode. We interview each other!
Season 1 FriendCast: 1. Composer Joel Puckett, Peabody Conservatory
My friend Joel asked to be on my first "FriendCast" Podcast so I said OF COURSE!! Composer Joel Puckett wrote a piece for me called "Shadow of Sirius" for flute, flute choir and Wind Ensemble and it's a top hit in the concerto repertoire for flute players
Season 1 Business 101: 1. Unlock Your Action
Here is my unique story to share. I am still living my best life despite the hardships that seemed to weigh me down. I took action to work towards specific goals and things became lighter in contrast to what was the illusory thinking, artificial deadlines
Season 1 Etudes: 1. Etudes and the Enneagram
Nine types of personalities in the Enneagram test and there's even a personality test for students! It take all types to practice etudes. Listen to more than logic behind why they stand the test of time.
Season 1 Performance Therapy: 1. Musical Fear and the Great Unknown
Episode 1 A Renaissance is upon us. The unknown is everything. What fears in music performance can we remove?
Porterflute Pod Trailer
Amy Porter brings in special guests, tells stories and hands down inspiring tips learned in her life as a classical musician and entrepreneur. Owner of four small businesses, founder of 2 non-profits, designer of her own teaching brand, Amy Porter leads p
The Lukas Foss Legacy - September 30, 2022
Kleinhans Music Hall
Buffalo, N.Y.
10:30 AM
In commemoration of his 100th birthday, we celebrate the life and works of Lukas Foss, music director of the BPO from 1963 to 1970, and a transformative force in the Buffalo arts scene. His early tonal works, like Ode for Orchestra, Symphony No. 1, and Three American Pieces, were sublime, while his later works, such as Renaissance Concerto, which will feature flutist Amy Porter, explored an exciting avant-garde sound for which he became well-known. Rounding out the program is a nod to Foss’ great friend, Leonard Bernstein, with his Three Dances from On the Town, telling the tale of a trio of sailors and their amorous adventures while on leave in New York City.

The Lukas Foss Legacy - October 01, 2022
Kleinhans Music Hall
Buffalo, N.Y.
7:30 PM
n commemoration of his 100th birthday, we celebrate the life and works of Lukas Foss, music director of the BPO from 1963 to 1970, and a transformative force in the Buffalo arts scene. His early tonal works, like Ode for Orchestra, Symphony No. 1, and Three American Pieces, were sublime, while his later works, such as Renaissance Concerto, which will feature flutist Amy Porter, explored an exciting avant-garde sound for which he became well-known. Rounding out the program is a nod to Foss’ great friend, Leonard Bernstein, with his Three Dances from On the Town, telling the tale of a trio of sailors and their amorous adventures while on leave in New York City.

Trio Virado in Concert - October 09, 2022
Dayton Arts Institute
Dayton, OH
3:00 PM
Trio Virado performs Piazolla Cafe 1930; Molino Trio Mvt 1 ; Luiz Homage

Ravel - Piece en Forme de Habanera; Brouwer Trio

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