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Errata J.S. Bach Cello Suites (Carl Fischer)
I can count only a few edits, due to the editing process from bass clef to treble clef and due to natural human error. Thank you for your forgiveness.

Suite I in G Major BWV 1007

Prelude Page 4

34 beat 3 – 4th 16th note is A (not B)
36 beat 3 begins G- A (not A-B)

Suite II in D Minor BWV 1008

Minuetto I Page 13

17 Downbeat ascending chord is F# -A (not D-F#)
21 Beat 3 add an F just below the D to make the interval a sixth

Suite III in C Major BWV 1009

Allemande Page 17

22 Missing natural sign – Beat 3 should change to B-natural for the rest of the measure.
Gigue Page 21

24 Beat 3 is a G (not B)

Suite V in C Minor BWV 1011

Prelude Page 31

7 downbeat missing A-Flat before the F. Make them 2 eighth notes.
Page 34

219 Downbeat no C-natural on the top of the chord. Delete.

Suite VI in D Major BWV 1012

Allemande Page 44

16 OSSIA Beat 1 – 32nd notes can begin on a low B up to the middle B in Beat 3
Sarabande Page 46

6 Downbeat – Add a B to the top of the chord
13 Beat 2 should be C – but an octave higher


Posted: August 4th, 2017
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