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ERRATA for Treasures by Phillip Gaubert (Carl Fischer)
Into every edition a few tears must fall. After 7 rounds of edits the mistakes manage to make it in to the final publication. There are different reasons and excuses for the oversights and it's truly painful to know they're there. For now Fischer has agreed to insert these mistakes into the part with a paper insert. In future editions there will be a Draft #8.

Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando: FLUTE PART

M. 10 Beat 4 A-flat not A-natural

M, 34 slur from M. 33

M. 102 1st note is B-natural

M. 166 Grace note G is missing

Barcarolle: FLUTE PART

M. 30 F#

M. 56 the termination of the trill should be C# not C-natural

M. 60 B-flat in second half of bar

M. 61 is missing a trill over the A-flat

M. 82 first and last note is A-natural

Barcarolle: PIANO PART

M. 98 C-Natural not C-flat
Posted: March 9th, 2019
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